[Gluster-users] Permissions in (gluster) mount show question marks

Bram Van Den Klinkenberg bramvandenklinkenberg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 13:01:54 UTC 2016

Hi, I have an issue.
I have a volume replicated over 2 machines and on a third machine I have a
mount to the gluster volume.
I wanted to remove 2 folders and copy 2 new folders to the mount, but I
can't delete the files/ folders via de mount. I get an error "Cannot remove
'<file>': No data available".
If I check the permissions of those folders I just see question marks. If I
check the folders in the gluster volume then everything is fine, the
permissions are fine and I can access the folders.
Unmounting en remounting the directory to the volume didn't help.
I cannot change the permissions or ownership either.

Anyone ideas?

With kind regards,
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