[Gluster-users] How beefy does an arbiter box have to be?

William Kern wkmail at bneit.com
Tue Mar 29 18:42:57 UTC 2016

We have a few replica 2 clusters using Gluster 3.4  for various projects.

They have worked very well, but we always had to be careful about split 
brain when doing maintenance or in the event of a failure.

So now we are looking to do a forklift upgrade to 3.7.x and add Arbiter 
box(s) into the new setup (i.e  replica 2 + arbiter)

Can we get away with using some older machines from the bone pile (i.e 
core2 cpu 2/4GB) or should we be using proper server kit?
Would SSDs on the arbiter help or are they even necessary?

Note: we are still using 1G (jumbo mtu) networking as the 10G stuff 
hasn't trickled down to our group yet <grin>. That is why we are mostly 
interested in using Arbiter rather than a true replica 3 environment.


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