[Gluster-users] Slow write performance for small block sizes

Andreas Mather andreas at allaboutapps.at
Sat Mar 26 17:52:25 UTC 2016


I experience very slow performance on gluster 3.7.8 on CentOS 7.2 when
using small block sizes with dd.

I run 2 gluster servers with 2 bricks each (each located on separate SSDs)
and 2 gluster clients (which will run virtual machines). It's a completely
fresh setup, so no load on the systems. The systems are connected via 1
GBit network. iperf3 shows 940 MBit throughput, ping shows less than 1ms
latency, so network should be fine.

The volume is a stripe 2 replica 2 volume. I've only set the volume options
for ping-timeout and owner-uid/gid (as required by qemu). The volume is
mounted via fuse client.

He're my stats as seen from a client (370MB test file). 'storage1' is one
of the glusterfs servers which also has a fuse mount for these tests:

# read (always done echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches before running tests)

$ dd if=/glustermount/testfile of=/localdisk/testfile bs=4K
69.7 MB/s

$ dd if=/glustermount/testfile of=/localdisk/testfile bs=8K
78.8 MB/s

$ scp storage1:/glustermount/testfile /localdisk/testfile
83.3 MB/s

$ ssh storage1 'dd if=/glustermount/testfile bs=8K' | dd
of=/localdisk/testfile bs=8K
93.3 MB/s

# write

$ dd if=/localdisk/testfile of=/glustermount/testfile bs=4K
3.8 MB/s

$ dd if=/localdisk/testfile of=/glustermount/testfile bs=8K
6.9 MB/s

$ dd if=/localdisk/testfile of=/glustermount/testfile bs=8M
58.8 MB/s

$ dd if=/localdisk/testfile of=/glustermount/testfile bs=64M
58.8 MB/s

$ scp /localdisk/testfile storage1:/localdisk/testfile
94 MB/s

$ scp /localdisk/testfile storage1:/glustermount/testfile
980 KB/s

# immediately ran after the previous one. what happened?!?!
$ scp /localdisk/testfile storage1:/glustermount/testfile
75 MB/s

$ dd if=/localdisk/testfile bs=8K | ssh storage1 'dd of=/localdisk/testfile
96.6 MB/s

$ dd if=/localdisk/testfile bs=8K | ssh storage1 'dd
of=/glustermount/testfile bs=8K'
225 KB/s

Is this really as good as it gets with gluster? I've tried the following
setups in order to improve write speed for small block sizes:

- tuning stripe-size. smaller (16KB) and larger (4MB) values
- 'replica 2' only setup (i.e. no striping)
- write-behind on/off
- larger write-behind-window-size
- larger cache-size
- more io-threads

None of these helped or even changed the numbers much. I've also tried a
few sysctl tweaks, but still not much change.

So I'd like to know:

- is this normal speed/behaviour?
- what are the reasons for this?
- can anything be done to improve performance?
- is running VMs on top of gluster a supported/intended use case at all?

Thanks a lot,
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