[Gluster-users] Impact of force option in remove-brick

ABHISHEK PALIWAL abhishpaliwal at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 06:05:52 UTC 2016

Hi Team,

I have the following scenario:

1. I have one replica 2 volume in which two brick are available.
2. in such permutation and combination I got the UUID of peers mismatch.
3. Because of UUID mismatch when I tried to remove brick on the second
board I am getting the Incorrect Brick failure.

Now, I have the question if I am using the remove-brick command with the
'force' option it means it should remove the brick in any situation either
the brick is available or its UUID is mismatch.

I just want to know what is the difference in the following scenario:

1. remove-brick without the force option
2. remove-brick with the force option

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