[Gluster-users] GD2 ETCD Bootstrapping

Atin Mukherjee amukherj at redhat.com
Tue Mar 15 11:31:33 UTC 2016

Over the last one and a half month we were working on ETCD bootstrapping
in GlusterD 2.0 and I am happy to share that now we have a working code
(one patch is still not merged into the repo) where peer probe/detach
works and that internally uses ETCD for managing the cluster. The
current model manages ETCD internally, however as Kaushal highlighted in
another mail [1] that we'd also need to come up with a way to integrate
ETCD managed externally along with TLS ETCD cluster.

Also we'd be working on coming with a toggling option to convert an ETCD
server to proxy and vice versa.

I've written up a blog [2] and captured a short demo session [3]. Please
feel free to add your comments/suggestions on this thread.

[1] http://www.gluster.org/pipermail/gluster-devel/2016-March/048755.html
[3] https://bluejeans.com/s/9hD3/


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