[Gluster-users] gdeploy 2.0 is available!

Sachidananda URS surs at redhat.com
Thu Mar 10 18:33:17 UTC 2016


I'm pleased to announce the 2.0 version of gdeploy[1]. RPMs can be
downloaded from:

gdeploy 2.0 adds a lot of new features like:

* Allows to create multiple volumes.
* Multiple section support, for eg: [service-1], [service-2] ..., to run
multiple services.
* Firewalld module to allow/block ports.

And lot more.

More details on gdeploy-2 can be found at:

A short introduction to gdeploy can be found at:

gdeploy is backward compatible with version 1, some configuration examples
can be found here:

Please file bugs at bugzilla.redhat.com, you like/dislike something drop us
a mail,
pull requests are always welcome.

We look forward to add more documentation, usecases, examples, and
writeups. Will
keep you posted.


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