[Gluster-users] Gluster (3.6.3) NFS READDIR failing intermittently from Finder on Mac OS X (10.10 and 10.11)

Brett Randall brett.randall at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 09:31:01 UTC 2016

Niels de Vos wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 06:18:44PM +1100, Brett Randall wrote:
> > Surely, Finder cannot be THIS broken? I can see all files in that
> > folder fine when I mount via AFS or SMB but not via NFS. But it all
> > works fine from Terminal. We're experimenting with updating Gluster to
> > 3.7.8 and moving to NFS Ganesha in the hope that moving to NFSv4 fixes
> > it, but does anyone have any idea what's happening? I'm happy to send
> > the .pcapng file to someone if it's helpful. I also have a .pcapng of
> > when we create a file in the folder and Finder refreshes to show
> > everything in there. The only interesting thing that I noticed in that
> > file is that the cookie number at the end of the READDIR is much
> > larger than anything I was seeing in the failed listings
> > (17179869176). I tried forcing 32-bit inode sizes in Gluster NFS
> > options (the closest thing I could find to NFS's native 32-bit cookie
> > size
> > restriction) with no joy, just in case that was part of it, which
> > wouldn't make sense but tried anyway and no difference.
> It is possible that Finder does not follow the NFSv3 specification
correctly. I
> have seen that some other OS's expect the cookie or inode to be 32-bit.
> is the case for most filesystems, but Gluster uses 64-bit values. A
> READDIR(P) would use a partial cookie for continuation, and that can
> in very strange behaviour.
> Only exposing 32-bit inodes over Gluster/NFS might be the solution for
> You can enable this with
>     # gluster volume set ${VOLUME} nfs.enable-ino32 on
> Unmount and re-mount the NFS-export after changing this option.
> It is possible that the NFSv4 client on Mac OS X handles things better,
but it
> could have the same issues too.

Hi Niels

Thanks for the reply. I had already tried that but just tried again and
still no joy. In fact, it actually fixes some folders but breaks other
folders, so it's probably just alternating how Mac OS X is handling the

I'm quite surprised no one else running Gluster has come across this
problem, especially seeing as it is so easily repeatable on our end! If
anyone has any other ideas then I'm open but otherwise we'll just keep
working on this test upgrade to 3.7 then the Ganesha mod.


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