[Gluster-users] NFS Client issues with Gluster Server 3.6.9

Mark Selby mselby at unseelie.name
Sat Mar 5 01:42:42 UTC 2016

I am trying to use GlusterFS as a general purpose NFS file server. I 
have tried using the FUSE client but the performance fall off vs NFS is 
quite large

Both the client and the server are Ubuntu 14.04.

I am using Gluster 3.6.9 because of the FUSE performance issues that 
have been reported with 3.7.8 (see 

I am having serious issues with a generic NFS client as shown by the 
issues below. Basically most FOPs are giving me a Remote I/O error.

I would not think I was 1st person to see these issues - but my Google 
Fu is not working.

Any and all help would be much appreciated

BTW - These operation against a plain Linux NFS server work fine.

root at dc1strg001x /var/log 448# gluster volume status
Status of volume: backups
Gluster process Port    Online  Pid
Brick dc1strg001x:/zfspool/glusterfs/backups/data 49152   Y       6462
Brick dc1strg002x:/zfspool/glusterfs/backups/data 49152   Y       6382
NFS Server on localhost 2049    Y       6619
Self-heal Daemon on localhost N/A     Y       6626
NFS Server on dc1strg002x 2049    Y       6502
Self-heal Daemon on dc1strg002x N/A     Y       6509

root at vc1test001 /root 735# mount -o vers=3 -t nfs dc1strg001x:/backups 

root at vc1test001 /mnt/backups_nfs 737# dd if=/dev/zero of=testfile bs=16k 
16384+0 records in
16384+0 records out
268435456 bytes (268 MB) copied, 2.46237 s, 109 MB/s

root at vc1test001 /mnt/backups_nfs 738# rm testfile

root at vc1test001 /mnt/backups_nfs 739# dd if=/dev/zero of=testfile bs=16k 
dd: failed to open ~testfile~: Remote I/O error

root at vc1test001 /var/tmp 743# rsync -av testfile /mnt/backups_nfs/
sending incremental file list
rsync: mkstemp "/mnt/backups_nfs/.testfile.bzg47C" failed: Remote I/O 
error (121)

sent 1,074,004,056 bytes  received 121 bytes 165,231,411.85 bytes/sec
total size is 1,073,741,824  speedup is 1.00
rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) 
(code 23) at main.c(1183) [sender=3.1.0]

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