[Gluster-users] Per-client prefered server?

Yannick Perret yannick.perret at liris.cnrs.fr
Thu Mar 3 12:08:33 UTC 2016


I can't find if it is possible to set a prefered server on a per-client 
basis for replica volumes, so I ask the question here.

The context: we have 2 storage servers, each in one building. We also 
have several virtual machines on each building, and they can migrate 
from one building to an other (depending on load, maintenance…).

So (for testing at this time) I setup a x2 replica volume, one replica 
on each storage server of course. As most of our volumes are "many reads 
- few writes" it would be better for bandwidth that each client uses the 
"nearest" storage server (local building switch) - for reading, of 
course. The 2 buildings have a good netlink but we prefer to minimize - 
when not needed - data transferts beetween them (this link is shared).

Can you see a solution for this kind of tuning? As far as I understand 
geo-replica is not really what I need, no?

It exists "cluster.read-subvolume" option of course but we can have 
clients on both building so a per-volume option is not what we need. An 
per-client equivalent of this option should be nice.

I tested by myself a small patch to perform this - and it seems to work 
fine as far as I can see - but 1. before continuing in this way I would 
first check if it exists an other way and 2. I'm not familiar with the 
whole code so I'm not sure that my tests are in the "state-of-the-art" 
for glusterfs.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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