[Gluster-users] glusterfs on HPC cluster

Fedele Stabile fedele.stabile at fis.unical.it
Tue Mar 1 10:17:29 UTC 2016

Hello to all,
my question of the day is: can I use GlusterFS on a 32-node cluster
Let me explain:
- each node in the cluster has one extra disk that is a brick of a
glusterFS cluster-wide mounted
- interconnection network is 40GB/s Infiniband
- users run MPI jobs

Everything works perfectly except that a user complains that his MPI
job after gluster implementation is slower than 50%

I made a linpack test that gives optimal results if runs on 16 nodes,
but if runs on 32 nodes
 it happens that one of the gluster nodes disconnects and the linpack
don't finish.

Can anyone help me?


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