[Gluster-users] readdir-ahead questions

Kviw John kviw_john at 163.com
Thu Feb 25 01:22:27 UTC 2016

1,In the code,readdir-ahead didn't package up the readdir request into a bigger request, it just packaged up the dentries, if the dentries' size was greater than the request size, the bigger request returned to the client, wasn't it?
2,The requests from the Readdir-ahead Xlator wind down to next Xlator ,did they send to a server or brodcast to all the servers?
3,As you have said, the preload is in progress, a readdir from application waits for its completion. And If I change the buffer(request) size, will the application wait for a long time? Could it be a stream, the readdir from application fetches dentries in the buffer, and the readdir-ahead xlator pre-fetches dentries from the servers?
4,When does it can be a larger buffer, like io-cache,which cached the data/dentries read before? As you know, ls is so slow.
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