[Gluster-users] question about replicate volume

Ravishankar N ravishankar at redhat.com
Wed Feb 24 04:11:09 UTC 2016

On 02/24/2016 07:16 AM, songxin wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a question about replicate volume as below.
> precondition:
> 1.A node ip:
> 2.B node ip:
> 3.A node brick:/data/brick/gv0
> 4.B node brick:/data/brick/gv0
> reproduce step:
> 1.gluster peer probe  //run on A node
> 2.gluster volume create gv0 force     
>           //run on A node
> 3.gluster volume start gv0  //run on A node
> 4.mount -t glusterfs gluster //run on A node
> 5.create some file(a,b,c) in directory gluster //run on A node
> 6.gluster volume add-brick gv0 replica 2 
> force  //run on A node
> 7.create some file(d,e,f) in directory gluster //run on A node
> 8.mount -t glusterfs gluster //run on B node
> 9.ls gluster //run on B node
> My question is as below.
> After step 6, the volume type is change from distribute to replicate.
> The file (a,b,c) is created when the volume type is distribute.
> The file (d,e,f) is created when the volume type is replicate.
> After step 6, does the volume will replicate the file (a,b,c) in two 
> brick?Or it just replicate the file(d,e,f) in two brick?
> If I run "gluster volume heal gv0 full", does the volume will 
> replicate the file (a,b,c) in two brick?
All files before adding the new brick must be replicated into the new 
brick  after heal full. Anuradha's patches to automatically heal files 
as a part of add-brick command (without the need to manually run full 
heal) will be in 3.8. Meanwhile, these  steps should help in triggering 


> Thanks,
> Xin
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