[Gluster-users] [ovirt-users] Gluster 3.7.8 from ovirt-3.6-glusterfs-epel breaks vdsm ?

Kaushal M kshlmster at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 15:03:38 UTC 2016

On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 6:39 PM, Matteo <mbrancaleoni at voismart.it> wrote:
> Seems that the "info" command is broken.
> the status command for example seems to work ok.
> Matteo
> ----- Il 17-feb-16, alle 14:15, Sahina Bose sabose at redhat.com ha scritto:
>> [+gluster-users]
>> Any known compat issues with gluster 3.7.8-1.el7 client packages and
>> glusterfs 3.7.6-1.el7 server?

There might be some new information that 3.7.8 CLI expects, but I'd
need to check to verify what it is. We don't really test the Gluster
CLI for backwards compatibility, as we expect the CLI to used with
GlusterD on it's own host. So when using the gluster CLI's
--remote-host option, with different versions of CLI and glusterd, the
user should expect some breakage sometime.

With REST support being planned for 3.8, I'd like to retire the
--remote-host option in its entirety. Going further, the user should
only use the REST apis, when attempting to do remote operations.

>> On 02/17/2016 04:33 PM, Matteo wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> today I update one node os, in the updates gluster client
>>> packages where upgraded from 3.7.6-1.el7, centos-ovirt36 repository
>>> to 3.7.8-1.el7, ovirt-3.6-glusterfs-epel and after reboot
>>> the node was marked not operational.
>>> looking into the logs, vdsm was failing to get gluster volume information.
>>> the command (ovirt-storage is the gluster storage where the hosted engine is
>>> kept)
>>> gluster --mode=script volume info --remote-host=gluster1 ovirt-storage --xml
>>> was failing, returning error 2 (and no output)
>>> doing yum downgrade on gluster client packages (back to 3.7.6-1.el7,
>>> centos-ovirt36) fixed everything.
>>> Data nodes are running glusterfs 3.7.6-1.el7.
>>> The funny thing is that from the ovirt I was able to manually mount the
>>> glusterfs shares,
>>> only the volume info command was failing, thus breaking vdsm.
>>> Any hint?
>>> regards,
>>> Matteo
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