[Gluster-users] Peer loss timeout

Sander Kuusemets sander.kuusemets at ut.ee
Tue Feb 16 11:10:06 UTC 2016


I have a problem with a two node setup, that are replica 2 servers, and 
also clients.

Actions on node1:

> gluster peer probe node2
> gluster volume create fs replica 2 transport tcp node1:/fs node2:/fs force
> gluster volume start fs
> mount -t glusterfs node1:/fs /test

Actions on node2:

> gluster peer probe node1
> mount -t glusterfs node2:/fs /test

Everything works fine, except when one of the peers are shut down, then 
the other peer basically freezes for about a minute. Any action waits 
some kind of a timeout, even *time ls**/* gives me an output of ~1m10s.

I tried *gluster volume set fs network.ping-timeout "5" *but this did 
not change a thing.

I'd like this delay to be less than 10 seconds. Is this possible?

Best regards,

Sander Kuusemets
University of Tartu, High Performance Computing, IT Specialist

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