[Gluster-users] question about creating a replicate volume

songxin songxin_1980 at 126.com
Sun Feb 14 07:30:04 UTC 2016

I have a question about creating a replicate volume with two bricks as below.

There are two node, A node and B node.A node ip is and B node ip is

operation steps on A node as below
1.gluster peer probe
2.mkdir -p /data/brick/gv0
3.cteate two files, a and c.
4.gluster volume create gv0 replica 2 force
5.gluster volume start gv0
6.mount -t glusterfs gluster
7.ls glusterfs
8.cat glusterfs/c

operation steps on B node as below
1.mkdir -p /data/brick/gv0
2.cteate two files, b and c.The file c is diffetent with file c in A node.
3.mount -t glusterfs gluster
4.ls glusterfs
5.cat glusterfs/c

Node that step 4 on A node is after step step 2 on B node.

I want to know if the files(a b and c) should be replicate after step 5 on A node.
Does it show three files(a, b, c) after command ls glusterfs on both node?
If the file c is diffetent on two node, I want to know how it replicate on two node.


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