[Gluster-users] GlusterFS behaviour on stat syscall with relatime activated

Simon Turcotte-Langevin simon.turcotte-langevin at ubisoft.com
Fri Feb 5 18:49:01 UTC 2016

Good day to you Pranith,

Thank you for your answer, it was exactly this. However, we still have an issue with RELATIME on GlusterFS.

Stating the file does not modify atime anymore, with quick-read disabled, however cat-ing the file does not replicate the atime.

If I touch manually the file, the atime (or utimes) is replicated correctly.

So to sum it up:

·         [node1] Touch –a file1

o   --> Access time is right on [node1] [node2] and [node3]

·         [node1] Cat file1

o   --> Access time is right on [node1]

o   --> Access time is wrong on [node2] and [node3]

Would you have any idea what is going on behind the curtain, and if there is any way to fix that behavior?

Thank you,

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Subject: Re: [Gluster-users] GlusterFS behaviour on stat syscall with relatime activated

On 02/03/2016 10:12 PM, Simon Turcotte-Langevin wrote:
Hi, we have multiple clusters of GlusterFS which are mostly alike. The typical setup is as such:

-          Cluster of 3 nodes

-          Replication factor of 3

-          Each node has 1 brick, mounted on XFS with RELATIME and NODIRATIME

-          Each node has 8 disks in RAID 0 hardware

The main problem we are facing is that observation of the access time of a file on the volume will update the access time.

The steps to reproduce the problem are:

-          Create a file (echo ‘some data’ > /mnt/gv0/file)

-          Touch its mtime and atime to some past date (touch –d 19700101 /mnt/gv0/file)

-          Touch its mtime to the current timestamp (touch –m /mnt/gv0/file)

-          Stat the file until atime is updated (stat /mnt/gv0/file)

o   Sometimes it’s instant, sometimes it requires to execute the above command a couple of time
atime changes on open call.

Quick-read xlator opens the file and reads the content on 'lookup' which gets triggered in stat. It does that to serve reads from memory to reduce number of network round trips for small files. Could you disable that xlator and try the experiment? On my machine the time didn't change after I disabled that feature using:

"gluster volume set <volname> quick-read off"


On the IRC channel, I spoke to a developer (nickname ndevos) who said that it might be a getxattr() syscall that could be called when stat() is called on a replicated volume.

Anybody can reproduce this issue? Is it a bug, or is it working as intended? Is there any workaround?

Thank you,



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