[Gluster-users] Split brain?

Rodolfo Gonzalez metayii.framework at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 15:35:54 UTC 2016

Hello, I think that I have a split-brain issue in a replicated-striped
gluster cluster with 4 bricks: brick1+brick2 - brick3+brick4

In both brick3 and brick4 I'm getting these kind of messages:

[2016-02-08 15:01:49.720343] E
0-data-replicate-1: Gfid mismatch detected for
05dabf44-56aa-471f-a898-02ce225d31b0 on data-client-3 and
1cf52b86-6c69-4483-8f17-686f50b3f316 on data-client-2. Skipping
conservative merge on the file.

gluster volumen status show 4 bricks online and no errors. gluster peer
status shows all 4 bricks connected. bricks 2 and 1 show no errors. Gluster
version is 3.6.8 in all 4 servers.

How can this be solved? Any help is appreciated :)

Thank you.
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