[Gluster-users] Unbalanced system with 3 disk

Jose V. Carrion burcarjo at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 09:53:23 UTC 2016

I have a glusterfs v.3.7 composed by 2 storage severs and 3 bricks in an
only volume. This is my layout:

node01 (/mnt/glusterfs/sdb1/brick1)
node02 (/mnt/glusterfs/sdb1/brick1 and node01 (/mnt/glusterfs/sdc1/brick1)

I have a volume with a single directory that was created as: /volume0/data

Now, I'm copying files on this directory but I had observed that the
busy/free space in bricks are been unbalanced.
/dev/sdb1           932G   34G  898G   4% /mnt/glusterfs/sdb1

/dev/sdb1             932G   39G  893G   5% /mnt/glusterfs/sdb1
/dev/sdc1             932G   49G  883G   6% /mnt/glusterfs/sdc1

So I have some questions:

1. Is there a way to store data in bricks as an homogeneus space in disk ?
DHT settings ?
2. What's happen when some of the bricks is full ? is the volume finished ?
or glusterfs continues storing in the rest of bricks?

Thanks in advance.
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