[Gluster-users] Error being logged in disperse volumes

Ashish Pandey aspandey at redhat.com
Tue Dec 20 15:25:03 UTC 2016

That means ec is not getting correct trusted.ec.config xattr from minimum number of bricks. 

1 - Did you see any error on client side while accessing any file? 
2 - If yes, check the file xattr's from all the bricks for such files. 

It is too less information to find out the cause. If [1] is true then you have to give all client logs, getxattr from all the bricks for all the file giving error. 
gluster v status, info and also gluster volume heal info. 

Is there anything you changed recently on volume? 


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I am seeing many instances of the following error in the log files. What does this signify. 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988004] E [MSGID: 122001] [ec-common.c:872:ec_config_check] 0-StoragePool-disperse-1: Invalid or corrupted config [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988027] E [MSGID: 122066] [ec-common.c:969:ec_prepare_update_cbk] 0-StoragePool-disperse-1: Invalid config xattr [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988038] E [MSGID: 122001] [ec-common.c:872:ec_config_check] 0-StoragePool-disperse-0: Invalid or corrupted config [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988055] E [MSGID: 122066] [ec-common.c:969:ec_prepare_update_cbk] 0-StoragePool-disperse-0: Invalid config xattr [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988179] E [MSGID: 122001] [ec-common.c:872:ec_config_check] 0-StoragePool-disperse-3: Invalid or corrupted config [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988193] E [MSGID: 122066] [ec-common.c:969:ec_prepare_update_cbk] 0-StoragePool-disperse-3: Invalid config xattr [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988228] E [MSGID: 122001] [ec-common.c:872:ec_config_check] 0-StoragePool-disperse-2: Invalid or corrupted config [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988248] E [MSGID: 122066] [ec-common.c:969:ec_prepare_update_cbk] 0-StoragePool-disperse-2: Invalid config xattr [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988338] E [MSGID: 122001] [ec-common.c:872:ec_config_check] 0-StoragePool-disperse-4: Invalid or corrupted config [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988350] E [MSGID: 122066] [ec-common.c:969:ec_prepare_update_cbk] 0-StoragePool-disperse-4: Invalid config xattr [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988374] E [MSGID: 122001] [ec-common.c:872:ec_config_check] 0-StoragePool-disperse-5: Invalid or corrupted config [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988388] E [MSGID: 122066] [ec-common.c:969:ec_prepare_update_cbk] 0-StoragePool-disperse-5: Invalid config xattr [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988460] E [MSGID: 122001] [ec-common.c:872:ec_config_check] 0-StoragePool-disperse-7: Invalid or corrupted config [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:04.988478] E [MSGID: 122066] [ec-common.c:969:ec_prepare_update_cbk] 0-StoragePool-disperse-7: Invalid config xattr [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:05.508034] E [MSGID: 122001] [ec-common.c:872:ec_config_check] 0-StoragePool-disperse-6: Invalid or corrupted config [Invalid argument] 

[2016-12-19 08:14:05.508072] E [MSGID: 122066] [ec-common.c:969:ec_prepare_update_cbk] 0-StoragePool-disperse-6: Invalid config xattr [Invalid argument] 

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