[Gluster-users] LVM storage for gluster

paf1 paf1 at email.cz
Sat Dec 17 17:33:47 UTC 2016

when ovirt/gluster environment  installed, I 'm missing /dev/mapper LVM 
devices .

1) ovirt brought multipath device to local disks
2) LVM volume created on that device - OK
3) before reboot all looks OK
4) after reboot LVM can't start multipath devices ( missing 
/dev/mapper/vg_volume  eg. )
5) I can start it manually ( vgchange -a y ) - OK

but how can I start volumes  during boot process ????
Volumes for root partitions work well. ( /dev/mapper/vg0_root )

I tried a lot of topics for starting LVM , such as ......
1) /etc/rc.d/rc.local
2) many recommended  filters in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf
.. nothing helped  me.

Any good idea ??
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