[Gluster-users] Gfapi memleaks, all versions

Piotr Rybicki piotr.rybicki at innervision.pl
Fri Aug 26 09:31:55 UTC 2016

W dniu 2016-08-25 o 23:22, Joe Julian pisze:
> I don't think "unfortunatelly with no attraction from developers" is
> fair. Most of the leaks that have been reported against 3.7 have been
> fixed recently. Clearly, with 132 contributors, not all of them can, or
> should, work on fixing bugs. New features don't necessarily interfere
> with bug fixes.
> The solution is to file good bug reports,
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi?product=GlusterFS , and
> include valgrind reports, state dumps, and logs.
> This is a community, not a company. Nobody's under an obligation to
> prioritize your needs over the needs of others. What I *have* seen is
> that the more effort you put in to identifying a problem, the easier it
> is to find a developer that can help you. If you need help, ask. It's
> not just developers that can help you. I spend countless hours on IRC
> helping people and I don't make a dime off doing so.
> Finally, if you have a bug that's not getting any attention, feel free
> to email the maintainer of the component you've reported a bug against.
> Be nice. They're good people and willing to help.

Hello Joe.

First, I didn't wish do offend anyone. If one feels this way - I'm sorry 
for that. I just wanted to get attraction to this memleak(s) issue.

I really like gluster project, and all I wish is to make it better.

I just filled bug report:

Thank You & best regards
Piotr Rybicki

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