[Gluster-users] Memory leak with a replica 3 arbiter 1 configuration

Benjamin Edgar benedgar8 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 20:52:48 UTC 2016


I appear to have a memory leak with a replica 3 arbiter 1 configuration of
gluster. I have a data brick and an arbiter brick on one server, and
another server with the last data brick. The more I write files to gluster
in this configuration, the more memory the arbiter brick process takes up.

I am able to reproduce this issue by first setting up a replica 3 arbiter 1
configuration and then using the following bash script to create 10,000
200kB files, delete those files, and run forever:

while true ; do
  for i in {1..10000} ; do
    dd if=/dev/urandom bs=200K count=1 of=$TEST_FILES_DIR/file$i
  rm -rf $TEST_FILES_DIR/*

$TEST_FILES_DIR is a location on my gluster mount.

After about 3 days of this script running on one of my clusters, this is
what the output of "top" looks like:
  PID   USER      PR  NI    VIRT       RES        SHR S   %CPU %MEM
16039 root          20   0     1397220  77720     3948 S   20.6    1.0
       860:01.53  glusterfsd
13174 root          20   0     1395824  112728   3692 S   19.6    1.5
     806:07.17  glusterfs
19961 root          20   0     2967204  *2.145g*    3896 S   17.3    29.0
       752:10.70  glusterfsd

As you can see one of the brick processes is using over 2 gigabytes of

One work-around for this is to kill the arbiter brick process and restart
the gluster daemon. This restarts arbiter brick process and its memory
usage goes back down to a reasonable level. However I would rather not kill
the arbiter brick every week for production environments.

Has anyone seen this issue before and is there a known work-around/fix?

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