[Gluster-users] Input/Output error only when some files exists

Berkay Unal berkayunal at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 09:35:58 UTC 2016


I have a strange issue and any help would be appreciated much.

Here is my setup. Servers are ubuntu 14.04 and i am using the repo
for the gluster server.

Server A (Gluster): I am using Gluster server with no replication so it is
more like (GlusterFS Single Server NFS Style). Files are located under

Server B (Client) I have a web server that needs shared storage. The
Gluster Server is mounted to /storage-pool/site/

The mounted volume on the client is used by CMS. So it is a shared storage
for multi CMS web servers. The current setup was working with no problem
until today. When i try to list the files on the client for the folder
/storage-pool/site/content i got the following error.

"ls: cannot open directory .: No such file or directory"

The ls was working with no problem until now.

When i delete some files from this folder on the Server A(Gluster server)
ls starts to work again. If i create the same files again on the server
client ls has the problem again.

So if some files exists in that folder ls is broken and i am getting
Input/Output error.

Hope i could explain the problem. Are there any recommendations

Any help would be appreciated much. Thanks

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