[Gluster-users] Linux (ls -l) command pauses/slow on GlusterFS mounts

Deepak Naidu dnaidu at nvidia.com
Wed Aug 10 04:14:26 UTC 2016


I have 3node GlusterFS on VM for POC each node has 2x bricks of 200GB. Regardless of what type of volume I create when listing files under directory using ls command the GlusterFS mount hangs pauses for few seconds. This is same if there're 2-5 19gb file each or 2gb file each. There are less than  10 files under the GlusterFS mount.

I am using NFS-Ganesha for NFS server with GlusterFS and the Linux client is mounted using GlusterFS fuse mount with direct-io enabled.

GlusterFS version 3.8(latest) 

Any insight is appreciated.

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