[Gluster-users] gluster profile mode - showing unexpected WRITE fops

Jackie Tung jackie at drive.ai
Mon Aug 8 20:47:26 UTC 2016


I’m doing some benchmarking vs our trial GlusterFS setup (distributed replicated, 20 bricks configured as 10 pairs).  I’m running 3.6.9 currently.  Our benchmarking load involves a large number of concurrent readers that continuously pick random file / offsets to read.  No writes are ever issued.  However I’m seeing the following gluster profiling output:

   Block Size:              32768b+               65536b+              131072b+
 No. of Reads:                    0                     0               6217035 
No. of Writes:                87967                 25443               4372800

Why are there writes at all?  Are seeks being shown here as writes?


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