[Gluster-users] Reconnecting Client to Brick

Danny Lee danny.lee at appian.com
Wed Aug 3 19:55:43 UTC 2016


I have a 3-node replicated cluster using the native glusterfs mount, and
through some heavy IO load, the gluster logs show that one of the clients
(Client A) disconnected from one of the bricks (Brick 1) because of a 42
second ping timeout.

After waiting two hours, Client A never reconnected back to Brick 1, even
after stopping the heavy IO load.  To verify, I added a new file to the
mount on Client A and verified that Brick 1 did not get the file.  Also
verified that when calling "gluster volume heal <vol> info", the new file
appears on the heal list.  This file never gets healed.

Then I tried to add a file to Client B and verified that the file got added
to Brick 1.  Which means Brick 1 is only disconnected from Client A.

I have 3 questions:
1.  How can you tell if a client has disconnected from a brick (for
monitoring purposes)?  Right now, I am doing a hacky method by looking at
the client logs and looking for specific messages.
2.  How long does it take for a client to reconnect to a brick or does it
3.  If it doesn't, is there something I can do to reconnect without losing
4.  If it does, is this configurable?

Thank you.

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