[Gluster-users] Tuning for small files

Iain Milne glusterfs at noognet.org
Wed Sep 30 15:00:07 UTC 2015

> Here are all 3 of the settings I was talking about:
>     gluster v set testvol client.event-threads 4
>     gluster v set testvol server.event-threads 4
>     gluster v set testvol performance.lookup-optimize on
> Yes, lookup optimize needs to be enabled.

Thanks for that. The first two worked ok for me, but the third gives:
  volume set: failed: option : performance.lookup-optimize does not exist
  Did you mean performance.cache-size or ...lazy-open?

If I do: "gluster volume get <volname> all | grep optimize" then I see:
  cluster.lookup-optimize                 off
  cluster.readdir-optimize                off

Is it one of these two options perhaps?

We're running 3.7.4 on Centos 6.7


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