[Gluster-users] Tuning for small files

Thibault Godouet tibo92 at godouet.net
Fri Sep 25 15:49:09 UTC 2015


There are quite a few tuning parameters for Gluster (as seen in Gluster
volume XYZ get all), but I didn't find much documentation on those.
Some people do seem to set at least some of them, so the knowledge must be

Is there a good source of information to understand what they mean, and
recommendation on how to set them to get a good small file performance?

Basically what I'm trying to optimize is for svn operations (e.g. svn
checkout, or svn branch) on a replicated 2 x 1 volume (hosted on 2 VMs,
16GB ram, 4 cores each, 10Gb/s network tested at full speed), using a NFS
mount which appears much faster than fuse in this case (but still much
slower than when served by a normal NFS server).
Any recommendation for such a setup?

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