[Gluster-users] FUSE incompatible on RHGS with centos/ubuntu open source clients?

Gluster Admin gluster at hepcat.org
Wed Sep 23 17:40:22 UTC 2015

Just curious here if RH is purposely trying to prevent anyone but RHEL
servers using their storage natively via the FUSE client?

with RHGS 3.1 I can mount via fuse with no issues on RHEL 6/7 clients but
no other variant of Gluster 3.6 or 3.7 client can connect to it.  Even
tried installing the RHGS fuse and client libs with no success.  Same if i
try to mount Gluster 3.7 from RHEL with FUSE so its both ways.

Just a bummer as we have tons of non RHEL clients and would prefer not to
setup NFS HA when the native client performs pretty well and covers all the
HA without the hassle.
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