[Gluster-users] Losing disks on Glusterfs

Mathieu Chateau mathieu.chateau at lotp.fr
Tue Sep 22 18:24:47 UTC 2015


As You will already have 5 copies (one per server), adding rendundancy on
storage is wasty.

I would do a 2 node distributed + replication:
2 servers * 4 disk = 8TB replicated to 2 others servers with same setup.

The last server can be abitrer for split brain maybe, or you have to get
another server to get 3 and 3.

Yes in this setup it's a raid 0, so if you loose a disk, the whole 2
replicated server are down.

But you will get much better performance and much more usable space, and
still survive a single server crash.


2015-09-21 15:51 GMT+02:00 Bruno Andrade <bdeandrade at htbase.com>:

> Hi there,
> We are setting up 5 new servers with 4 disks of 1 TB each.
> We are planning of using Glusterfs Distributed Replicated so we have
> protection over our data.
> My question is, if I lose a disk, since we are using LVM mirror, are we
> still able to access the data normally until we replace the broken disk.
> And, in this scenario, out of the 20 disks, how many usable ones will I
> have?
> Thanks
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