[Gluster-users] GlusterFS across two datacenter's

Amardeep Singh amardeep at techblue.co.uk
Mon Sep 21 15:08:26 UTC 2015

Hi There,

We are planning to implement GlusterFS on CentOS-6 across two 
datacenter's. The architecture we are planning is :

*SAN Storage 1 - SiteA*  > announce via iSCSI > *GlusterFS Server 1 - SiteA*
*SAN Storage 2 - SiteB*  > announce via iSCSI > *GlusterFS Server 2 - SiteB*

Once glusterfs configuration is done then each site will have its own 
virtual machines

*SiteA - VM1* > GlusterFS client installed > mounted from *GlusterFS 
Server 1 - SiteA*
*SiteB - VM2* > GlusterFS client installed > mounted from*GlusterFS 
Server 2 - SiteB*

We want each site to read/write on its own glusterfs node instead of 
mounting it from *SiteA* to VM's in SiteA and SiteB and using *SiteB 
glusterfs* node as backup.

Though POC seems to be working fine with xfs filesystem. I need to check 
couple of things here:

1. The setup above is correct and we can use glusterfs mounted on each 
site with Replicated Gluster.
2. We want to add third datacenter for DR using geo replication, will 
that work with above setup. We have not done POC for geo replication yet.

Looking forward for response.

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