[Gluster-users] problems with geo-replication on 3.7.4

ML mail mlnospam at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 18 21:33:48 UTC 2015


I am trying in vain to setup geo-replication on now version 3.7.4 of GlusterFS but it still does not seem to work. I have at least managed to run succesfully the georepsetup using the following command:

georepsetup reptest gfsgeo at gfs1geo reptest

But as soon as I run:

gluster volume geo-replication reptest gfs1geo::reptest start

i see the following error messages every 2 minutes in /var/log/glusterfs/etc-glusterfs-glusterd.vol.log:

[2015-09-18 21:27:26.341524] I [MSGID: 106488] [glusterd-handler.c:1463:__glusterd_handle_cli_get_volume] 0-glusterd: Received get vol req
[2015-09-18 21:27:26.474240] I [MSGID: 106499] [glusterd-handler.c:4258:__glusterd_handle_status_volume] 0-management: Received status volume req for volume reptest
[2015-09-18 21:27:26.475231] E [MSGID: 106419] [glusterd-utils.c:4972:glusterd_add_inode_size_to_dict] 0-management: could not find (null) to getinode size for data/reptest (zfs): (null) package missing?

and nothing really happens.

Does anyone have an idea what's wrong now?


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