[Gluster-users] Can we run VMs from Glaster volume

Nux! nux at li.nux.ro
Fri Sep 18 20:49:18 UTC 2015


I know KVM runs fine from it, but Windows integration is non-existing. AFAIK the best you could do is export the volume via Samba and try it that way. 
You'll probably need "strict allocate = yes" in the samba conf.

Personally, seeing how you're already lost to Microsoft, you should try their distributed filesystem (dfs?) which is probably much more tested with Hyper-V.

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> Hi,
> We're looking into rolling out glister for our network storage.
> What we want to do is run VMs from the glister volume using Hyper-V.
> Now, I've read in the documentation that glister does not support live data
> (e.g. live sql database)
> Does it also imply that we can't have live VMs? And, what if we want to run sql
> database in the VM?
> Regards,
> Nashid
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