[Gluster-users] Rebalance failures

Davy Croonen davy.croonen at smartbit.be
Wed Sep 16 07:30:33 UTC 2015

Hi all

After some testing and debugging I was able to reproduce the problem in our lab. It turned out that this behaviour happens when root-sqaushing is turned on, see the details below. Without root-squashing turned on rebalancing happens just fine.

Volume Name: public
Type: Distributed-Replicate
Volume ID: 158bf6ae-a486-4164-bb39-ca089ecdf767
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 2 x 2 = 4
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: gfs01a-dcg:/mnt/public/brick1
Brick2: gfs01b-dcg:/mnt/public/brick1
Brick3: gfs02a-dcg.intnet.be<http://gfs02a-dcg.intnet.be>:/mnt/public/brick1
Brick4: gfs02b-dcg.intnet.be<http://gfs02b-dcg.intnet.be>:/mnt/public/brick1
Options Reconfigured:
server.anongid: 33
server.anonuid: 33
server.root-squash: on

Now only one question remains, what is the way to go to get the cluster back in a healthy state?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Kind regards

On 15 Sep 2015, at 17:04, Davy Croonen <davy.croonen at smartbit.be<mailto:davy.croonen at smartbit.be>> wrote:

Hi all

After expanding our cluster we are facing failures while rebalancing. In my opinion this doesn’t look good, so can anybody maybe explain how these failures could arise, how you can fix them or what the consequences can be?

$gluster volume rebalance public status
                                    Node         Rebalanced-files          size            scanned      failures       skipped               status            run time in secs
                               ---------            -----------                     -----------        -----------   -----------         -----------         ------------               --------------
                               localhost                0                          0Bytes         49496         23464             0                in progress            3821.00
           gfs01b-dcg.intnet.be<http://gfs01b-dcg.intnet.be/>                0                           0Bytes          49496             0                 0                in progress            3821.00
           gfs02a-dcg.intnet.be<http://gfs02a-dcg.intnet.be/>                0                            0Bytes         49497             0                 0                in progress            3821.00
           gfs02b-dcg.intnet.be<http://gfs02b-dcg.intnet.be/>                0                            0Bytes         49495             0                 0                in progress            3821.00

After looking in the public-rebalance.log this is one paragraph that shows up. The whole log is filled up with these.

[2015-09-15 14:50:58.239554] I [dht-common.c:3309:dht_setxattr] 0-public-dht: fixing the layout of /ka1hasselt/Lqw9pnXKV8ojBzzzsqHyChSU914422947204355
[2015-09-15 14:50:58.239730] I [dht-selfheal.c:960:dht_fix_layout_of_directory] 0-public-dht: subvolume 0 (public-replicate-0): 251980 chunks
[2015-09-15 14:50:58.239750] I [dht-selfheal.c:960:dht_fix_layout_of_directory] 0-public-dht: subvolume 1 (public-replicate-1): 251980 chunks
[2015-09-15 14:50:58.239759] I [dht-selfheal.c:1065:dht_selfheal_layout_new_directory] 0-public-dht: chunk size = 0xffffffff / 503960 = 0x214a
[2015-09-15 14:50:58.239784] I [dht-selfheal.c:1103:dht_selfheal_layout_new_directory] 0-public-dht: assigning range size 0x7ffe51f8 to public-replicate-0
[2015-09-15 14:50:58.239791] I [dht-selfheal.c:1103:dht_selfheal_layout_new_directory] 0-public-dht: assigning range size 0x7ffe51f8 to public-replicate-1
[2015-09-15 14:50:58.239816] I [MSGID: 109036] [dht-common.c:6296:dht_log_new_layout_for_dir_selfheal] 0-public-dht: Setting layout of /ka1hasselt/Lqw9pnXKV8ojBzzzsqHyChSU914422947204355 with [Subvol_name: public-replicate-0, Err: -1 , Start: 0 , Stop: 2147373559 ], [Subvol_name: public-replicate-1, Err: -1 , Start: 2147373560 , Stop: 4294967295 ],
[2015-09-15 14:50:58.306701] I [dht-rebalance.c:1405:gf_defrag_migrate_data] 0-public-dht: migrate data called on /ka1hasselt/Lqw9pnXKV8ojBzzzsqHyChSU914422947204355
[2015-09-15 14:50:58.346531] W [client-rpc-fops.c:1090:client3_3_getxattr_cbk] 0-public-client-2: remote operation failed: Permission denied. Path: /ka1hasselt/Lqw9pnXKV8ojBzzzsqHyChSU914422947204355/1.1 rationale getallen.pdf (ba5220be-a462-4008-ac67-79abb16f4dd9). Key: trusted.glusterfs.pathinfo
[2015-09-15 14:50:58.354111] W [client-rpc-fops.c:1090:client3_3_getxattr_cbk] 0-public-client-3: remote operation failed: Permission denied. Path: /ka1hasselt/Lqw9pnXKV8ojBzzzsqHyChSU914422947204355/1.1 rationale getallen.pdf (ba5220be-a462-4008-ac67-79abb16f4dd9). Key: trusted.glusterfs.pathinfo
[2015-09-15 14:50:58.354166] E [dht-rebalance.c:1576:gf_defrag_migrate_data] 0-public-dht: /ka1hasselt/Lqw9pnXKV8ojBzzzsqHyChSU914422947204355/1.1 rationale getallen.pdf: failed to get trusted.distribute.linkinfo key - Permission denied
[2015-09-15 14:50:58.356191] I [dht-rebalance.c:1649:gf_defrag_migrate_data] 0-public-dht: Migration operation on dir /ka1hasselt/Lqw9pnXKV8ojBzzzsqHyChSU914422947204355 took 0.05 secs

Now the file which is referenced here, 1.1 rationale getallen.pdf, exists on the hosts referenced by 0-public-client-0 and 0-public-client-1 and not on the hosts referenced by 0-public-client-2 and 0-public-client-3. So another question what is the system really trying to do here and is this normal?

I really hope somebody could give me a deeper understanding about what is going on here.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

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