[Gluster-users] questions about snapshots and cifs

Alastair Neil ajneil.tech at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 14:09:50 UTC 2015

I have been working on providing user serviceable snap shots and I am
confused by the documentation about allowing access from windows explorer:

For snapshots to be accessible from windows, below 2 options can be used.
> A) The glusterfs plugin for samba should give the option
> "snapdir-entry-path" while starting. The option is an indication to
> glusterfs, that samba is loading it and the value of the option should be
> the path that is being used as the share for windows. Ex: Say, there is a
> glusterfs volume and a directory called "export" from the root of the
> volume is being used as the samba share, then samba has to load glusterfs
> with this option as well.
>     ret = glfs_set_xlator_option(fs, "*-snapview-client",
>                                  "snapdir-entry-path", "/export");
> The xlator option "snapdir-entry-path" is not exposed via volume set
> options, cannot be changed from CLI. Its an option that has to be provded
> at the time of mounting glusterfs or when samba loads glusterfs.

How do you set  "snapdir-entry-path", the docs say it needs to be set for
the gluster-cifs pluginto correctly pass the information the client so I is
there must be some volume setting and gluster volume set command to
configure this?

Thanks, Alastair
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