[Gluster-users] How to automate GlusterFS Backup with snapshots?

Merlin Morgenstern merlin.morgenstern at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 10:27:00 UTC 2015

I want to automate backups on a glusterfs 3.7.3 share with snapshots.

Creating snapshots manualy works, but how are they secured to a different

I was able manage that process manually by doing the following:

sudo umount /run/gluster/snaps/7cb4b2c8f8a64ceaba62bc4ca6cd76b2/brick1

sudo dd if=/dev/mapper/gluster-506cb09085b2428e9daca8ac0857c2c9_0 | gzip >

That seems to work, but how could I possibly know the snapshot name? I took
this info here from df -h

The snapshots are located here:


But those are not only a few KB and I would like to be able to do a full
recover of the snapshot.,
I also tried to run the command mentioned in the docs:

> to mount snapshot volume:
> mount -t glusterfs <hostname>:/snaps/<snap-name>/<origin-volname>

This did not work. There seems not to be any folder called /snaps/ as when
I press tab I get suggestion for vol1 but nothing else.

Thank you in advance for any help
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