[Gluster-users] gluster volume snap shot - basic questions

Rajesh Joseph rjoseph at redhat.com
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> Subject: [Gluster-users] gluster volume snap shot - basic questions
> Hi everybody,
> I am looking into the snap shot tool, following this tutorial:
> http://blog.gluster.org/2014/10/gluster-volume-snapshot-howto/
> While having successfully created the LVM, gluster volume and one snapshot,
> there are some questions arrising where I was hoping to find some guidence
> here:
> 1. From a working setup as in the example I rebooted and everything was gone.
> How can I make this setup persistent, so the gluster share is up and running
> after boot.

What do you mean by "everything was gone"? Are you using loop back device as disks?
If yes then this is expected. Loop back device mapping is gone after machine restart.
You should test with real disk or lvm partition.

> 2. I understand that the snaps are under /var/run/gluster/snaps/ and I found
> them there. Is it save to simply copy them to another server for backup? My
> goal is to create a backup each day and transfer the snaps to an FTP-Server
> in order to be able to recover from a broken machine.

Yes, snap of individual bricks are mounted at /var/run/gluster/snaps/. I am assuming
that you mean copy of data hosted on the snap brick when you say copy the snap.
Are you planning to use some backup software or to run rsync on each brick?

> 3. Do I really need LVM to use this feature? Currently my setup works on the
> native system. As I understand the tuturial I would need to move that to a
> LV, right?

Yes, you need LVM and to be precise thinly provisioned LVM for snapshot to work.

> Thank you in advance on any help!
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