[Gluster-users] Functional Test Suite of Glusterfs

Kiran Patil kiran at fractalio.com
Thu Feb 26 11:12:15 UTC 2015

I thought of first get some functional tests out of regression suite.
Do you agree with this approach or shall we write functional tests
without borrowing them from regression tests at all.

If you agree then here are some of the testcases I have noted down to
include as part functional testing and please feel free to add if I
miss any.

volume-status.t => Create a volume and mount using FUSE and NFS and
verify different volume status options
volume.t => Create a volume with 8 bricks and add bricks and check the
brick count and remove bricks and check the brick count
normal.t => Create a volume, add brick, rebalance volume, replace
brick, remove brick
bug-1004744.t => Test case: After a rebalance fix-layout, check if the
rebalance status command
#displays the appropriate message at the CLI.
bug-1022055.t => verify volume log rotate command
bug-1176062.t => volume replace brick commit force
bug-770655.t => Set stripe block size on distribute-replicate,
replicate, distribute, stripe, distributed stripe, distributed stripe
replicate volume
bug-839595.t => verify cluster.server-quorum-ratio

bug-1030208.t => Hardlink test
bug-1111454.t => Symlink test
bug-893338.t => Symbolic test

bug-1161092-nfs-acls.t => nfs acls test
bug-822830.t => nfs rpc test
bug-867253.t => nfs version 3 mount test

bug-982174.t => Check if incorrect log-level keywords does not crash the CLI

mount-options.disabled => test all the options available to see if the
mount succeeds with those options
#or not
mount.t => mount using FUSE and NFS with different options

quota-anon-fd-nfs.t => Quota test
bug-1038598.t => quota hardlimit and softlimit test
quota.t => Quota test extensive
afr-quota-xattr-mdata-heal.t => afr quota test
bug-1023974.t => quota limit test
bug-1040423.t => quota: filter glusterfs quota xattrs
bug-1049323.t => quota: unmount quota aux mount for volume stop
bug-1087198.t => tests the logging of the quota in the bricks after
reaching soft
## limit of the configured limit.
bug-1104692.t => quota another limit test

file-snapshot.t => gluster block snapshot on qcow2 formate
volume-snapshot.t => gluster vol snapshots
uss.t => snapshots with uss enabled
bug-1049834.t => snap-max-hard-limit test
bug-1087203.t => snapshot autodelete test
bug-1109889.t => snapshot should be deactivated when created test
bug-1112559.t => snapshot test for spurious error
bug-1112613.t => snapshot delete all test
bug-1113975.t => snapshot restore test
bug-1157991.t => snapshot activate-on-create test
bug-1162498.t => snapshot activate-on-create with feature.uss enabled
bug-1170548-dont-display-deactivated-snapshots.t =>


On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 3:25 PM, Kiran Patil <kiran at fractalio.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently I am aware of Gluster Regression Test suite.
> I would like to know if there is a Test suite which covers the
> Functionality of Glusterfs.
> If not then what are the options do we have to come up with Functional
> test suite.
> The only option we have right now is to use Gluster Regression
> framework to come up with Functional test suite.
> Let me know your thoughts.
> Thanks,
> Kiran.

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