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Hi , 

I thank you for your quick answer. 



This bug was recently fixed by the following four patches: 

The fixes will become available in 3.6.3 and 3.5.4. 

As a workaround, could you try the following two steps: 
1. disable performance.stat-prefetch on the volume (by executing `gluster volume set <volname> performance.stat-prefetch off`) 
2. unmount and mount the volume with use-readdirp=no on the client: 
Ex: mount -t glusterfs -o use-readdirp=no kritika:/rep /mnt 

and see if it fixes the issue for you? 

Meanwhile, may I know what version of gluster you are using? 

I use on that cluster 3.4.1 
I have another cluster with 3.6.2 

I think that I will survive still the 3.6.3. Is there any problem to jump from 3.4.1 to 3.6.3 ? 

This should not be a problem. You just need to make sure there are NO pending self-heals on the volume(s) before you stop them for upgrade. 



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