[Gluster-users] Isssue with glusterFS on docker

Manju Nath manjubs.mail at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 06:13:54 UTC 2015


We have installed glusterFS 3.5.1 on a docker container. Container is
installed with RHEL7.

We have executed following commands, but after mount if i check the mounted
partition we are getting Input/output error.

Can any one please help us what is the reason for this?

gluster peer probe GlusterFSgeo
gluster peer probe GlusterFSprimary
gluster peer probe GlusterFSsecondary

gluster volume create gv-afr replica 3 transport tcp
GlusterFSgeo:/DGdata/ReplicatedStore/ force

/usr/sbin/gluster volume start gv-afr
mount -t glusterfs $LOCAL_IP_ADDRESS:gv-afr /mnt/glusterfs/

[root at BP kodiak]# ls /mnt/glusterfs/cdr
ls: cannot access /mnt/glusterfs/cdr: Input/output error
[root at BP kodiak]#

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