[Gluster-users] Replica repair

Sam Giraffe sam at giraffetech.biz
Fri Feb 20 18:21:17 UTC 2015


I have a Gluster volume with 20 servers. The volume is setup with a
replica of 2.
Each server has 1 brick on it, so in essence I have 20 bricks, 10 of
which are a replica of the other 10.

One of the servers had a bad hard drive and the brick on the server
stopped responding.
This caused writes to the Gluster volume to slow down.
I am under the impression that one brick crashing should not have a
problem, not sure why writes slowed down? Any clue here?

Secondly, in order to restore the brick, I had to remote 2 bricks or 2
servers, since I had setup the volume with a replica of 2. For
removing the 2nd brick, I picked a server randomly, is that ok? I was
afraid I would have picked a server that is the replica of the bad
server and then I would lose data.

Lastly, do I need to heal the volume after removing both bricks? What
happens to the data on the bricks?

I am using Gluster 3.6

Thank you

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