[Gluster-users] 3 Node Replicated Gluster set up as a ring - a good idea?

Ml Ml mliebherr99 at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 14 10:19:43 UTC 2015

Hello List,

i would like to build a 3 Node Cluster. I was thinking of such a setup:


My question:

Can i set it up my network that way, that it will still work of one node fails?

Just thinking about i want bonding and then i might even need a brige
to bring the "two sides of the nodes together"?

Will i then get loop? Do i need SPF or something alike?

Could i also use TCP Multipath? ( i have no experience with tcp
multipath so far)

What do you think?


p.s. i want to avoid switches here.

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