[Gluster-users] "gluster volume heal info" giving wrong report

Subrata Ghosh subrata.ghosh at ericsson.com
Fri Feb 13 14:18:48 UTC 2015

Hi All,

Can any one clarify the issue e , we are facing with "heal" incorrect 
report mentioned below , We are using gluster 3.3.2 .


*Bug 1039544* <https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1039544> 
-[FEAT] "gluster volume heal info" should list the entries that actually 
required to be healed.

*Steps to recreate*

If we are continuously writing to a file in a volume. At the same time 
if we do the following

# gluster volume replace-bricks $vol_name $old_brick $new_brick commit force

# gluster volume heal $vol_name full

#gluster volume $vol_name info      --> this shows that the Numer of 
files=1, even though the file is already healed.

*Related issues:*





Is the fix that we are trying to back port to gluster 3.2 is the correct 
code changes.


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