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This seems to be a workaround, isn't there another proper way with the configuration of the volume to achieve this? I would not like to have to setup a third fake server just in order to avoid that.

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 It works! Thanks to craig's suggestion . i setup a third server without a brick and added it to the trusted pool. now it doesnt go down. thanks alot guys!
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Quorum only appli‎es when you have 3 or more bricks replicating each other. In other words it doesn't mean any thing in a 2 node 2 brick cluster so it shouldn't be set.
In other words based on your settings it's acting correctly because it thinks that the online brick needs to have a minimum of one other brick it agrees with online. 
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Hi guys. I have a 2 node replicated gluster  setup with the quorum count set at 1 brick. By my understanding this means that the gluster will not  go down when one brick is disconnected. This however proves false and when one brick is disconnected (i just pulled it off the network) the remaining brick goes down as well and i lose my mount points on the server. can anyone shed some light on whats wrong? 
my gfs config options are as following

Volume Name: gfsvolumeType: ReplicateVolume ID: a29bd2fb-b1ef-4481-be10-c2f4faf4059bStatus: StartedNumber of Bricks: 1 x 2 = 2Transport-type: tcpBricks:Brick1: gfs1:/export/sda/brickBrick2: gfs2:/export/sda/brickOptions Reconfigured:cluster.quorum-count: 1auth.allow: 172.*cluster.quorum-type: fixedperformance.cache-size: 1914589184performance.cache-refresh-timeout: 60cluster.data-self-heal-algorithm: diffperformance.write-behind-window-size: 4MBnfs.trusted-write: offnfs.addr-namelookup: offcluster.server-quorum-type: serverperformance.cache-max-file-size: 2MBnetwork.frame-timeout: 90network.ping-timeout: 30performance.quick-read: offcluster.server-quorum-ratio: 50%

Thank You Kindly,Kaamesh

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