[Gluster-users] Recommendations for a new gluster cluster

Nico Schottelius nico-gluster-users at schottelius.org
Thu Feb 5 14:49:13 UTC 2015

Good morning guys,

we are setting up our new hosting based on gluster, after
spending some months on trying out both ceph and gluster.

We selected Ubuntu 14.04 as the base stack and are now evaluating, which
version of gluster and which filesystem to choose.

At the moment we are seeing 80 MiB/s with ext4, 93 MiB/s with xfs and
roughly 89-91 MiB/s with xfs + dm-crypt. [0]
All tests so far have been running with gluster 3.4.2-1ubuntu1 with a
replicated volume.

My question: What is the recommended gluster version for production (*)
and what is the recommended filesystem?

Our timelines is a roughly 3 years cycle for offering virtual machines
on top of gluster, until we will exchange the whole stack again.



[0] We tweet about our progress as @ungleich on https://twitter.com/ungleich
    if you are curious.

(*) I saw some problems with 3.6.2 on the mailing list.

New PGP key: 659B 0D91 E86E 7E24 FD15  69D0 C729 21A1 293F 2D24

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