[Gluster-users] [Gluster-devel] missing files

Xavier Hernandez xhernandez at datalab.es
Wed Feb 4 11:03:45 UTC 2015

On 02/04/2015 01:30 AM, David F. Robinson wrote:
> Sorry.  Thought about this a little more. I should have been clearer.
> The files were on both bricks of the replica, not just one side.  So,
> both bricks had to have been up... The files/directories just don't show
> up on the mount.
> I was reading and saw a related bug
> (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1159484).  I saw it
> suggested to run:
>          find <mount> -d -exec getfattr -h -n trusted.ec.heal {} \;

This command is specific for a dispersed volume. It won't do anything 
(aside from the error you are seeing) on a replicated volume.

I think you are using a replicated volume, right ?

In this case I'm not sure what can be happening. Is your volume a pure 
replicated one or a distributed-replicated ? on a pure replicated it 
doesn't make sense that some entries do not show in an 'ls' when the 
file is in both replicas (at least without any error message in the 
logs). On a distributed-replicated it could be caused by some problem 
while combining contents of each replica set.

What's the configuration of your volume ?


> I get a bunch of errors for operation not supported:
> [root at gfs02a homegfs]# find wks_backup -d -exec getfattr -h -n
> trusted.ec.heal {} \;
> find: warning: the -d option is deprecated; please use -depth instead,
> because the latter is a POSIX-compliant feature.
> wks_backup/homer_backup/backup: trusted.ec.heal: Operation not supported
> wks_backup/homer_backup/logs/2014_05_20.log: trusted.ec.heal: Operation
> not supported
> wks_backup/homer_backup/logs/2014_05_21.log: trusted.ec.heal: Operation
> not supported
> wks_backup/homer_backup/logs/2014_05_18.log: trusted.ec.heal: Operation
> not supported
> wks_backup/homer_backup/logs/2014_05_19.log: trusted.ec.heal: Operation
> not supported
> wks_backup/homer_backup/logs/2014_05_22.log: trusted.ec.heal: Operation
> not supported
> wks_backup/homer_backup/logs: trusted.ec.heal: Operation not supported
> wks_backup/homer_backup: trusted.ec.heal: Operation not supported
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>> It sounds to me like the files were only copied to one replica, werent
>> there for the initial for the initial ls which triggered a self heal,
>> and were there for the last ls because they were healed.  Is there any
>> chance that one of the replicas was down during the rsync?  It could
>> be that you lost a brick during copy or something like that.  To
>> confirm I would look for disconnects in the brick logs as well as
>> checking glusterfshd.log to verify the missing files were actually
>> healed.
>> -b
>> On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 5:37 PM, David F. Robinson
>> <david.robinson at corvidtec.com <mailto:david.robinson at corvidtec.com>>
>> wrote:
>>     I rsync'd 20-TB over to my gluster system and noticed that I had
>>     some directories missing even though the rsync completed normally.
>>     The rsync logs showed that the missing files were transferred.
>>     I went to the bricks and did an 'ls -al
>>     /data/brick*/homegfs/dir/*' the files were on the bricks.  After I
>>     did this 'ls', the files then showed up on the FUSE mounts.
>>     1) Why are the files hidden on the fuse mount?
>>     2) Why does the ls make them show up on the FUSE mount?
>>     3) How can I prevent this from happening again?
>>     Note, I also mounted the gluster volume using NFS and saw the same
>>     behavior.  The files/directories were not shown until I did the
>>     "ls" on the bricks.
>>     David
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