[Gluster-users] Gluster 4.0 - Minimum Viable Product

Atin Mukherjee amukherj at redhat.com
Mon Dec 28 07:32:37 UTC 2015

Hi Folks,

Since Gluster 4.0 is a long term initiative, we discussed and decided to
have our first pre release which would include the basics of the
features what we are working on. The main idea behind this is to have
community feel about the product right at the early stage. Having said
that all of these releases will be experimental and by no means can be
considered in production. We plan to have our first MVP open to the
community by April/May 2016.

Feedback on this approach is more than welcome.

*What's Included :*
* Directory operations (create, mkdir, etc..)
* Basic file operations (read, write, truncate)
* Inode operations (stat, etc..)
* Driven from client
* No crash consistency
* MDS/DS is pure distribute (no EC/replication)

*What's not included :*
* Multi client support
* MDS/DS Cluster expansion (rebalance)
* Interop with quota, geo-replication, etc..
* NoSQL DB for MDS store


*What's Included :*
NSR Client - Complete with queuing
NSR Server - Complete I/O Path without fcntl locking
NSR Volfile generation - With Glusterd 1.0
Full Data Journaling - Integrated with NSR Server (along with flushing
data from the journal to the main store???)
Basic Reconciliation

*What's not included :*
In Memory Journal (parts of it will be functional though)
Reconciliation - All cases
NSR Server - Locking
NSR Volfile generation - With Glusterd2.0
Leader Election and etcd integration with GLusterd2.0 (stretch goal)

GlusterD 2.0

*What's Included :*
etcd bootstrapping
Transaction framework to drive the command life cycle
Translation of existing volgen implementation in golang
ReST API support for basic volume & peer management commands
Basic peer & volume management commands to function in a multi node cluster
volume set interface will be provided with very limited number of tunables
Native mount access for the volume

*What's not included :*
Any other volume support apart from a plain distribute
Feature integration
Daemon management

Gluster Eventing

*What's included:*

API for sending events from Gluster stack
Management related events notification from Gluster

*What's not included*

Non-management related events notification
Integration with other stack

Gluster 4.0 Team

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