[Gluster-users] Ethernet port choice

Pierre Léonard pleonard at jouy.inra.fr
Tue Nov 25 07:47:43 UTC 2014

Hi Paul Robert,
> you can do that but its probably not the best idea.
> you are better off bonding the interfaces and using one of the load 
> balancing algorithms instead.
> in fact since all of these are TCP you could bond them and put it in 
> RR (round robin) mode if your switches can support it. them you would 
> effectively have a 20G full duplex ling on each one.
> the one thing to be careful of is not all switches work well with RR 
> mode bonds so you need to examine your switches capabilities first.
The idea is good, with he two Ethernet links will be better used if they 
are bonded, the external access are minor. Our switchs can do Ethernet 
port bounding. I have to stodythe Ethernet bounding on Centos now. And 
it will take less IP adresses.
We have already round robin IP access for the samba access, it's cool.

Thank you.

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