[Gluster-users] Can't mount

Mārtiņš Jakubovičs martins at vertigs.lv
Sat Nov 22 15:52:54 UTC 2014

Hello all!

I am new in gluster world, and want to test this "beast" technology.
I created 4 CentOS 7 demo machines with two 50 gb disks in each machine 
for bricks. I installed gluster by this simple "howto": 

All goes well, I created volume with "replica 2" options, and use all 8 
bricks. Volume create successfully and I started it:

[root at gluster1 ~]# gluster volume start test
volume start: test: success
[root at gluster1 ~]# gluster volume info

Volume Name: test
Type: Distributed-Replicate
Volume ID: 226592b1-089f-4727-a009-19838078b7e7
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 4 x 2 = 8
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: gluster1:/brick1/test
Brick2: gluster1:/brick2/test
Brick3: gluster2:/brick1/test
Brick4: gluster2:/brick2/test
Brick5: gluster3:/brick1/test
Brick6: gluster3:/brick2/test
Brick7: gluster4:/brick1/test
Brick8: gluster4:/brick2/test

But, when I try to mount volume in CentOS 7 machine I got error:

[root at gclient ~]# mount -t glusterfs gluster1:/test /mnt
WARNING: getfattr not found, certain checks will be skipped..

Error in log file:
[xlator.c:425:xlator_init] 0-fuse: Initialization of volume 'fuse' 
failed, review your volfile again

Would be grateful for any help!

Best regards,

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