[Gluster-users] Issue with server reboot / shutdown

Florian Knorn florian at knorn.org
Wed Nov 12 08:07:46 UTC 2014


I have an issue where I can’t reboot or shutdown my server with
gluster running. The setup:

Debian 7.7, Gluster - 3.5.2, 1 volume with 1 brick mounted via iSCSI,
using multipath-tools.

On shutdown / reboot, the system hangs at “Unmounting local
filesystems”, see this screenshot:


Testing around, I noticed that if I issue “service glusterfs-server
stop; umount /path/to/brick” it says the path is still in use.
However, if I use “gluster volume stop THEVOLUME; service
glusterfs-server stop; umount /path/to/brick” then it works.

Similarly, IF prior to shutdown / reboot I manually stop the volume
first, then it all goes through.

So it seems to me that even though it is stopped, the gluster server
still has some files on the brick open, which prevents the unmount,
and locks up the system on reboot.

Any pointers? Or has this to do with multipath, because I believe the
issue started after using that?


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